5 Health Benefits Your Body Gain When You Drink Beer


Viral News Boy :- Beer is an alcoholic drink that has gotten a bad reputation for a very long time. Many people advise that you completely stay away from drinking beer as it is harmful for your health. But how true is this? 

Beer is made from yeast-fermented malt flavored with hops. Beer is mostly consumed by men although a few women also enjoy drinking beer. Despite all the negative comments about beer, there’s nothing wrong with having a bottle once in a while. If you have a negative idea about beer, these 5 health benefits of beer will change your mind about it;

1.      Lowers the risk of diabetes 

Drinking beer helps to normalize your body’s glucose regulation lowering your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

2.      Lowers cholesterol 

Beer contains lipoprotein, the good type of cholesterol which helps to stop the buildup of plaque in your arteries. Beer is also very rich in fibers which helps to lower the cholesterol levels in your system.

3.      Builds stronger bones 

Drinking beer helps to increase bone density especially in men. Low bone density leads to fracture and other bone related problems especially in elderly people. Beer contains silicon, an element which helps to increase bone density.

4.      Good for your cardiovascular health 

Beer helps to lower your risk of developing heart attacks and other heart related diseases. Beer contains nutrients which helps to thin blood clots preventing them from blocking the arteries.

5.      Increases your vitamin B levels 

Beer is rich in essential B vitamins which are vital for proper functioning of the body. Beer also contains potassium and magnesium both of which help to maintain a healthy stomach. 

Before grabbing a bottle of beer, it is important to know if drinking beer is safe for you. Although beer has a lot of health benefits, don’t drink beer if;

1.      You have stomach ulcer

2.      You are pregnant

3.      You are breastfeeding

4.      You are suffering from liver disease 

Just because beer has so many health benefits doesn’t mean you should drink yourself to stupor, always remember that moderation is key.

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