5 Good Reasons Why You Should Stop Bathing Daily


Viral News Boy :- It is very normal for most people to take morning shower or bath daily, with another percentage adding another one in the evening after a long day. This habit could however be causing a lot more harm than good.


According to medical experts recommend bathing 2-3 times in a week. Below is a list of 5 good reasons why dermatologists advice against bathing daily, unless you work in an extremely sweaty place like in a gym.

1. Bathing daily removes a layer of oil and other vital microorganisms responsible for keeping the skin healthy.

2. Bathing or showering daily may leave the skin dry, itchy and sensitive. Daily baths also leave your hair fizzy and dry.

3. The skin may crack as a result of regular baths and this might be the entry point to bacteria and allergies which might trigger severe skin infections.

4. Most bathing soaps, especially the antibacterial soaps, contain chemicals which alter the normal bacteria on the skin and may lead to damages.

5. Bathing daily for a long time may reduce the body’s ability to fight diseases. Dermatologists claim that our immune systems require stimulation from dirt, normal microorganisms and other environmental factors in order to create “immune memory”. Bathing daily therefore compromises the body’s ability to produce antibodies and remember diseases.

Now you have 5 good reasons why you should reprogram your bathing schedule. Remember you are also saving on water bills.