5 Fun Things Couples Do In The Bedroom!


In this article we going to scroll down to some 5 wierd things that couples do while no one is watching!

Viral News Boy :- Couples in the first place love spending time together either in outdoor or indoor activities when they are off on weekends or holidays. However being alone in the bedroom may arise to some slightly weird or hilarious moments.

To begin with;

1.Couples rarely/don’t lock bathroom doors

Have you ever sat down and thought why master bedrooms have washrooms inside them? Well having one inside your bedroom may prove to be real fun!couples take showers without minding of the bathroom doors cause no one would rarely get in away!


2.Walking around dressed in bed sheets

This looks funny right! In most couples wrapping themselves with bed sheets proves to be real fun when they are together. This also a weird thing couples do that doesn’t bother them.

3.Filming their partners when they falling asleep

In reality humans beings sleep at different times during the night. This however has seemed to be the best time for couples to take pictures and videos of their partners falling asleep or at times sleep talking!


4.Wearing each other’s Clothes!

Couples do wear each other’s clothes while locked inside their bedrooms! In most scenarios men’s clothes and shoes are oversized when worn by their females counterparts.However to them it’s real fun.


5.Stalking other people

Now, if you think only people with grudges are the ones who do stalk people then you might be wrong! Couples do stalk people and in this case, their friends! However it doesn’t necessarily mean their envy them, its just a period for the couple to talk and laugh!