4 Common Mistakes Women Make Immediately After Giving Birth That Could Harm Them


Viral News Boy :- Having the opportunity to give birth to another life is one of the happy moments we experience as humans. Women who have passed through this journey have so much more to be grateful for. However, pregnancy in human beings lasts for a period of nine months, after which the child is delivered after going through labour.

A lot of women do a whole lot of things after they have their baby, which they may not be aware of the dangers involved. So this article explores about 4 common mistakes we make immediately after giving birth. These mistakes, if not carefully avoided could cause harm to our health and it becomes another problem, which we may sadly face instead of celebrating the arrival of the baby. Well, below are some of the common mistakes we make immediately after giving birth:

1. Having a hot water sitz bath: This is the commonest mistake women make after child delivery and it is wrong to use hot water for this practice. Hot water is capable of damaging the stitches if you had an episiotomy which may cause other harms.

Aside that, sitz bath helps to relieve pain around the perineal area and also helps to increase the flow of blood. So, we are advised to use warm water for this instead of hot water.2. Another mistake most women make is going on diet immediately after delivery: This has to do with many women of this generation who are always conscious of their shape.

In a bid to go back to the way they used to look before gathering the baby fat, they tend to go on special dieting thereby depriving their baby the essential nutrients they need to develop. This could affect the mother’s health and make her to fall sick while the child may look so malnourished.

3. Some women may neglect their post natal vitamins which is not very advisable. You are given those drugs to help you heal faster and also keep you away from certain illnesses. So, taking these vitamins are really very necessary and should not be taken for granted. 4. Having to engage in strenuous exercises is another common mistake women make immediately after delivery, and this is not in anyway advisable. After delivery, the body which went through some sort of stress needs to heal well before going through another stress of exercising.

Exercising immediately just in a bid to lose weight may cause instant bleeding and other injury which may be life threatening. So, instead of doing this, you can concentrate more on taking care of the baby until you recover completely.Some of these mistakes are done sometimes unintentionally without us knowing, but with this article, we can be aware of what we shouldn’t engage in after giving birth.

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