3 Underwear Mistakes You May Be Making


Viral News Boy :- Several people don’t have the habit of changing their underwear as often as they should. In fact, some people wear their underwear for 2 days or longer. Aside from wearing our underwear for more than a day, there are also few underwear mistakes you may be unknowingly making. In this article, we are going to be taking a look at few underwear mistakes you may be making.


1. Wearing lace panties

We can all agree that lace underwears are very pretty and attractive, however, lace underwear comes with some serious health risks. This is because lace and other synthetic materials absorb sweat easily and aren’t breathable, it generates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria around the private area.

2. Sleeping with your underwear

During the night, it is advisable to allow some fresh air patrol around your private parts. Aside from taking a break from your underwear, it also helps you to sleep comfortably.

3. Using scented detergent

Another underwear mistake you may be making is using scented detergent to wash your underwear. These synthetic scents in the detergent may inflict rashes and make your private parts itchy and uncomfortable.


We hope we have enlightened you more about the underwear mistakes you may be making. Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section.