3 Things that you should never let a woman do to you (Be an Alpha).


Hello guys, just as we said, respect is paramount in a relationship. A woman can never love you if she can’t respect you.

That is why we always been preaching here that if you want a good relationship, you should ensure respect is at another level.

Otherwise, you all will be wasting time on each other. Just know this as a man, there are some things that the more you tolerate, the more you give her room to disrespect you.

So, avoid tolerating such things and see the love that she will give you in return. Just don’t allow her do the following things to you:

1. Don’t let her use your money.

Women has ways of taking away money from you guys, you some times can’t just tell her a no based on how she talks to you.

But all these is based on the level of attention you give to her. When you value a woman so much, high chances are, that she will misuse your money.

The best thing to do is to stop her from requesting money from you. The reason why you should stop her fr using your money is that; always when a woman starts to use your money.

She starts being interested in your money other than your love. And when this happens, you no longer have her by your side.

Once your money is depleted, she will be no where to be seen around you. So don’t let her use your money.

2. Don’t let her drag you along.

Women are never busy and when she wants to see you, she will push to see you. The moment you realize that you are the one pushing things to work.

Maybe you are the one pushing things to meet up with her, then she is not interested. Just walk away.

A woman who is not interested in you will always keep you waiting in the name of her being busy.

So, to avoid being dragged by just a woman, let her know that you have more better things to do.

Just do not encourage her wasting your time. You requested to meet her and she replied that she is busy, the best thing to do next is to avoid her by all means.

She doesn’t deserve your time after that. Remember, we said that women are never busy, they create time for what they think is good for them.

That means, you are not just her guy if she keeps on telling you that she is busy. Let her go to her busy and focus on your life.

3. Don’t let her Reject you.

Guys, based on the number of articles that we have always wrote, you should be able to know how to avoid rejection.

Be able to read a woman’s mind and know when she is interested and when she is not interested, just don’t allow her reject you.

Before you finally propose to a woman about your feelings, read her mind because that is what will either make her reject you or not.

Mark this, that failure to read her mind is what will lead to a failed mission. In case you Find out that she is not interested, be able to wish her well and never disturb her again.

That is how you avoid being rejected. In other words, you should be one rejecting her and not the other way round.

Otherwise, letting her Reject you will only lead to her disrespecting you for no good reason. That is all you need to do.

Guys, we hope it makes sense up to this point. Those are the three things that you should never let a woman do to you.

No matter her pretty she is, don’t give her the chance to do those things to you. Follow us for more articles coming through as time goes by. Like and share.