3 Secrets to Get A Girl Addicted to You



Viral News Boy :-  There are a few things you can do to get a woman to fall in love or be addicted to you. To make a difference and gain their attention, you shouldn’t play by the rules of the ladies; instead, you should develop your own rules and get them to play by them. This is how you might get a lady to fall in love or be addicted to you.

In this essay, I’ll show you three ways to get a woman to get addicted to you.

1. Text her every day for five days, then stop. That is the first secret to getting a lady hooked on you. When it comes to gambling on her psychology, you have a strong effect on her, then you take a hit, which causes her to miss you so much that she starts calling you all the time. The big impact is to text her every day for five days, make sure the communication is exciting, crack jokes, be sarcastic, make her laugh, and create memories with her through frequent messaging and exciting chats. That’s what she’ll start missing as soon as you take that hit, and she will start calling you on every occasion.


2. Don’t send her money; instead, surprise her with items. Another trick to getting a lady addicted to you is to be unpredictable; you need to make sure she doesn’t recognize your next move. Rather than sending her money, you should surprise her with gifts.

To do so, you’ll need to figure out what she values and what you can purchase for her as gifts.

3. Be impolite to her.

This is one way you can pique a woman’s interest in you; when other guys are trying to be friendly with her to get on her good side, that’s when you should be a little harsh on her. This will perplex her, and she will be puzzled as to why a man would choose to be disrespectful to her while other men are eager to satisfy her. This would cause her to become addicted to you, and she might even start chasing you.