3 Drinks That Can Be Of Benefit To Your Health


Viral News Boy :- Healthy Living has proven to be solely dependent on what is been taken or consumed by the body system, as what we intake either makes us very healthy and to live longer or otherwise, affects our health condition negatively when the wrong food, diet, or drink is consumed.


Good health and long life can only be a reality when the body system is functioning well with enough blood circulating in the body system. Shortage of blood has a large contribution to so many strong health-related problems which at times lead to early death.


Long-life is the heart desire of every living human being though not resting assured by human power. We can humanly work towards it by following some common practices and eating some selected healthy foods, diets, and drinks.


Here are 3 blood-giving drinks which would make you live longer in good health.

1)Veggie Drink


This is a kind of drink made by blending of mixing various healthy fruits and vegetables like carrot, cucumber, spinach, lemon, oranges, and apples, other healthy additives such as ginger could be included. This drink is highly reached in vitamins and minerals as well as its ability to help increase hemoglobin which helps in the production of enough blood for the body system. Taking a good quantity of this drink regularly will of no doubt make you be in a very good health condition and live longer.

2)Roselle Drink


This is a very nutritious drink popularly known as “zobo” here in Nigeria. As the name applies it is made from dried roselle plant flowers. This nutritious drink is highly enriched and a good source of vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron alongside its hematocrit property which helps in the increment of blood level. This drink gives blood and has a whole lot of health benefits attached to its nutrient and contents which all contribute to good health and longer life.



This is the major base of all these drinks and the most natural and effective of them all. The overall human body is made up of about 60% of water which makes it a basic necessity to keep the human body alive and functional. Although water does not directly give blood, up to 90% of the plasma in the blood is made up of water, showing how important this drink is to your general healthy life and well-being. Drinking water consistently will make you very healthy and strong as well as make you live longer as it keeps the body system functions in good condition.