29 Blunders that will make you wonder what the Engineers where thinking


Viral News Boy :- These pictures will make you wonder what the designers and contractors where actually thinking.


Most times it’s okay to say no to what you don’t understand or can’t do.

Here’s s number one:

1. I’m still trying to figure out what the contractor had in mind when he placed that toilet here. I’m sure you’re wondering too.


2. A kitchen inside a bathroom, or a bathroom inside a kitchen. If you’re going to cook, why not just take your bath at the same time 😉


3. Now you get to continue your gossiping even while using the toilet together, that’s the only reasonable explanation for having this two toilets in one place facing each other.


4. Whoever owns this room must be really lazy to have a bathtub inside their room, next to their bed for that matter.


5. You have to be 6 feet and above to use that mirror so I’m guessing the house owners are Giants who are selfish enough not to understand the predicaments of shot people.


6. Don’t you also wonder what the engineering smoked before putting those stairs under that walk way? Well I might be wrong and it might be a secret passage way to the underworld 😉


7. Imagine eating beans and egg and using the toilet while everyone else is eating? Or if a visitor was around having lunch at the dining table and you have a running stomach? What do some engineers even think??

8. I don’t if I should call this a bed or a bathtub, some people are just too extra.

9. It’s an upside down here, what was the engineer thinking when he fixed that door?


10. Continue your conference, I’m just taking a shit! Like seriously what do these people think?


11. You have to be extremely flexible to use this toilet because who would bring out the tissue paper for you?


12. Get away from the cat.


13. Too much wall paper, I could get lost in here. It feels dizzy.


14. This is clearly made for kids.


15. Maybe the couldn’t find the middle.


16. This kitchen sink must be really special to construct a full glass cupboard for it.


17. I’m sure when they were constructing the toilet, they didn’t put Chubby people into consideration.


18. I pray no one slips after taking a bath here. Taking a glass of wine while in the bathtub is ruled out here too.


19. Yeah, why don’t we build a house for the gas cooker, the AC, the heater, the washing machine while we are at it.


20. Just don’t forget and don’t get drunk, you might not live to testify it.


21. The only explanation is if that’s a secret passage way because what is that?? Can this get any more complicated?


22. Well we don’t need curtains, just give us decorative arts that look like curtains.

23. Who ever owns this school is obviously sick and tired of children. Who builds a playground on top of a building? Worst still, the slides lead where?

24. Permit me to say that both the engineer and the workers who helped build this stairs are high on something out of this world! What is that?


25. Let’s slide down baby? That’s a whole exercise routine on its own.


26. So someone spent money to build an automatic underground garage, one car goes under and the other stays on top. But someone mistaken pressed a button while the other care was still on top and crushed the car.

For something so exquisite, you would have thought the contractor will build something to prevent this from happening.

27. Yeah, he had one job, face the doorknob the right way!

28. Whoever built this toilet didn’t have the adults in mind.

29. Look at this picture closely. This is a kitchen, but where is the steps leading? Is that a bathroom too?


That’s all, hope you found these pictures as funny as I did.

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