15 Work from Home Jobs you can Start for Free


Viral News Boy :- When searching for a legitimate work from home job, it is best to start by finding a company in your category. Browse the list of remote companies that offer genuine work at home positions.


Accounting involves you recording financial transactions for a business or organization.


If you are artistic, you can make get paid to write and draw greeting cards online.

Chat & Email

This type of work involves you communicating with clients by chat or email. No phone involved.

Customer Service

This type of work involves you providing an excellent experience that exceeds the customers expectation.

Data Entry

Data entry is a popular work from home job that involves you inputting information into a computer database.

ESL Tutoring

ESL Tutoring is the act of teaching English to students in a virtual classroom. Some may require a college degree.

Healthcare (Medical Coding and Billing)

Find out which companies offer work at home healthcare jobs in medical billing, coding, transcription, and more.

Micro Jobs

Completing micro jobs and tasks are one of the simplest ways to make money online. Anyone can apply to these companies, since no experience is required.

Mystery Shopper

Becoming a mystery shopper is a excellent way to generate extra income if you enjoy visiting new places and are good at following directions.


If you have a great eye for identifying grammar errors and love helping people improve their writing skills, then you can consider working from home as an editor or proofreader

Search Evaluation

Love browsing the internet?A search engine evaluator are the ones that keep the internet updated with relevant information. No phone needed to perform the job.

Social Media

This role involves manage what goes on in forums, chat rooms, Facebook comments, and so on. As a moderator the work is very challenging, but it is also fun and rewarding.


If you have fast and accurate typing skills, excellent spelling and grammar skills, you might want to consider work from home transcription jobs. No phone required.

Teaching (Education)

Many companies recruit tutors to help students with homework in various subjects. If you love working in the teaching industry, this could be great option for you.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can also be known as a personal assistant. The job may involve you scheduling appointments, booking reservations, and more clerical tasks.

Website Testing

As a Website Tester, your job is to make sure websites are very easy to navigate. You may be informed to speak about the design of the site, quality and ease-of-use.


Find out which companies offer work at home jobs to people from around the globe. These worldwide opportunities range from freelancing, customer support, web research, etc.


There are hundreds of writing opportunities out there. These companies recruit freelance writers to complete article assignments, essays, school reports, resumes, etc.