15 Foods You Should Not Store In A Fridge



Viral News Boy :- We live in the 21st century where scientific inventions have taken over the entire world. And the refrigerator is seen as one of the greatest inventions of all time. It has been around since 1913, helping to keep our foods cool and well preserved till when they are needed. In a typical family home, there is always a refrigerator being used to store their food and drinks.


We all know that the refrigerator is one of the safest and most convenient place to store food, but the truth is, not all foods are supposed to be kept in a fridge. There are some foods that can go bad or get spoilt when being kept at cold temperatures. Keep reading this article to find out which food products should never be kept in a refrigerator. See them below;

1. Beans.


Whether its cooked beans or raw beans, the refrigerator is definitely not a place where you should put it.

2. Cucumber.


Cucumber is a common vegetable with lots of medicinal value which should be kept at a normal temperature. Putting them in the fridge will make them watery and pitted.

3. Fresh peppers.


Fresh peppers should never be kept in a fridge because its skin will surely lose its crunch when stored at a cool temperature and it can melt as well.

4. Leafy vegetables.


Leafy vegetables includes the likes of bitter leaf, ugu leaf, water leaf and others which are used for cooking. Storing them at a cool temperature will make them submerged in water.

5. Onions.


Onions is a popular vegetable used in cooking and storing them in a fridge is one of the worst things you can do. They will get soft and start melting.

6. Potatoes.


The best place to store your potatoes is in an open air paper bag, not the refrigerator because they will definitely get spoilt there.

7. Tomatoes.


Just like fresh pepper and onions, tomatoes should never be kept in a fridge as well. They will just melt away and get rotten.

8. Bread.


This one is definitely one of the worst foods to store in a fridge. A bread is supposed to be stored at a warm temperature not a cool one.

9. Tea or coffee.


Like seriously, who does that? Your tea or coffee is meant to be hot or warm. And storing them in a fridge will cause them to lose their nutritional value.

Other foods that shouldn’t be stored in a refrigerator or fridge include:

10. Rice.

11. Butter.


12. Garlic.

13. Bananas.

14. Groundnuts.

15. Canned fish or sardines.


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