14 Dressing Rules That Everyone Should Learn -See Photos


Viral News Boy :- Although everyone is believed to have some sense of fashion, I guess only few people know that dressing has some rules that both men and women should follow.

This article will reveal to you 14 dressing rules that everyone should learn. check them out below:

1. While a suit is known to have 3 buttons, it is important for every man to know that the middle button should always be closed, the upper one can either be closed or open depending on your mood while the lower button should never be closed. 


2. As a lady, whenever you are wearing either a blouse or a shirt, it is inappropriate for you to unbutton more than one button. 


3. While it’s okay to use accessories that are matching, it is also important for ladies to know that it will be too much for you to wear three or four matching accessories in one look.

Instead, you can wear either an earring that matches your bracelet or necklace that matches your ring. The photo below will give you a guide.



4. All men should know that it is wrong for the tip of your tie not to reach your waist or cross it a little 




6. It will interest you to know that you don’t need to put on a tie if at all you’re not going to wear a suit. 


7. If you are a lady who works in a corporate organisation, make sure that your shirt cleavage is not deeper than 4 inch from your collarbone. 


8. Some men often think it’s cool and fashionable to tuck in their shirts without wearing a belt. It’s wrong!!! 


9. As a lady, it is inappropriate for people to see your naked skin between your shirt and your Jean. Instead, you can wear a top to cover it. 


10. You should make sure that the colour of your belt is same as that of your shoe. 


11. Why would you go about with visible tags on your shirt as seen in the photo below? Cut it off. 


12. Wearing too many prints of different colours is an indication that you have a bad sense of Fashion. Instead, you can wear an outfit of different prints but of the same colour or two coordinating prints of different sizes. See photo below: 


13. It is important for every man to know that the length of your socks matters when you’re wearing a suit. Make sure that the socks is long enough to cover your naked legs when you’re sitting.




Please share these dressing tips or rules with any of your friend.