10 Websites That Will Pay You to Use the Internet


Want to know who these businesses are? If you have a lot of time to kill, you can earn some serious cash – or maybe just a few gift cards worth a few hundred dollars.

Many of these businesses simply want to track your behavior online so that their customers can better advertise to people in your demographic area. Remember, this means that not everyone qualifies for certain programs – a company may be specifically looking for 25- to 34-year-old men in a specific region or income group, for example.

However, it does not hurt to apply. So sit back, open a browser and find out all the different ways you can make money on the internet.


If you have good research skills and want to earn extra money, Wonder may be the perfect match. We wrote about Wonder a few weeks ago, and here’s how it works: Wonder invites Wonder – someone – journalist, corporate or even individuals – to pay a hefty fee for a well-researched answers to their most burning questions. In most cases, users pay this fee because they do not have time to do the research themselves, or because they want to make sure they are ready for an important presentation or report.

In terms of working, Wonder researchers ask for all stops to provide accurate and comprehensive answers to any questions asked. Wonder does not have formal education requirements for the researchers they hire, but prefers candidates with good research and English writing skills. If you are interested in learning more, you can become a researcher at AskWonder.com, or read more about the company in our in-depth review.


Try Swagbucks for an easier way to earn without the need for more brain power. This site will literally pay you to search and play on the internet, and needs almost nothing comprehensive.

Setup works like this: When you log in to Swagbucks, download the search bar to your computer. From there, you earn points for online shopping, watching targeted videos, searching the internet and doing surveys. Once you earn a large amount of points, you can exchange them for gift cards at popular retailers like Amazon.com and Walmart.

So yes, Swagbucks pays you with gift cards and not money. But most people can cash out gifts if they are creative – for example, you can sign up for some Walmart gift cards and use them for groceries, then spin and reduce your grocery budget. Pretty swank if you ask me!

Opinion outpost

You know what they say about opinions, do not you? They look like armpits (and other less delicate body parts) – like inside, everything is pulled. The good news is that Opinion Outpost will actually pay you for expressing your opinion, answering important questions and recording them. That’s right- anyone who says that your opinion does not matter is wrong.

All you need to do to get started is sign up for an email account or a social media account. Once you have done this, you will be selected for surveys that you can do in exchange for cash or gift cards at retailers such as iTunes or Amazon. In addition, you can also earn entries for cash drawings of almost $ 10,000 per event.

User test

User Testing is another online review site that rewards its members for their opinion on marketing and product tactics. Worldwide, more than 34,000 customers and businesses rely on UserTesting to learn marketing strategies and strategies and to gain insight into the minds of their users.

Registration is free and easy. Only if you visit a website or try a new app can you pay $ 10. Of course, if you participate in many campaigns, you will earn more and more money. And each time, you will pay $ 10 for about 20 minutes of work or less. It could not be easier than that.

Smart panel

It is easy to get a nominal amount of cash with Smart Panel. If you complete a three-minute questionnaire to see if you qualify, you can pay for everything from living and breathing with your phone or computer as always.

For starters, you get $ 5 just to qualify. After that, you get another $ 5 a month just to keep the app installed. In addition to the payout, you get a small amount of cash just for using your phone or computer as usual – and by having the Smart Panel look at your search results. According to Smart Panel, you can earn up to $ 110 within 12 months and up to $ 230 within 24 months – because you do almost nothing.


Although mobileXpression does not set a fixed cash rate, installing the app and answering various questions is offing to get all kinds of rewards and free goods. Once you have the app installed on one of your devices and installed it, you can earn everything from Amazon gift cards to electronics like iPads or flat screen TVs, to just searching the web like your normal.

The requirements are simple: first, you need a device that complies with the software, and second, you need to log in and meet the program qualifications. After that, the software works independently on your device, evaluating and evaluating its use without much effort.

Inbox dollars

If you enjoy watching online videos (don’t you?), Paid Inbox wants to pay you to live your dream. In addition to watching videos, you can also pay for recordings, read emails, play games, shop online and even search the internet. Is it getting better than that?

According to the company, users have earned more than $ 43 million to date. Plus, it’s free and easy to sign up: enter an email address, create a password, and get $ 5.00 cash to join. After that, the amount of money you will earn is based on how many tasks you can complete.

Small Business knowledge Center

It’s weird, but it works. Typically, a company called Small Business Knowledge Center pays you (on gift cards) for your junk mail – both the physical type that gets in your mailbox, and even your email spam.

You may be questioning the common definition of a company that pays for things that most of us throw away, but that’s right. Customers in the financial services and insurance industry use this information for intelligence and product development purposes, according to the SBKC website.

If you sign up and qualify, your gift cards will only be rewarded for sending your pesky junk mail! Who knows?


You first heard it here, people: MyPoints.com is another website back website that will reward you for shopping and printing coupons. If you make the most of your online shopping, you can earn significant benefits on everything you buy, earn points you can earn for gift cards and more.

Plus, you can join the chance to win an Amazon gift card or earn an instant for at least $ 10 at a select online store like Walmart.com, Target.com or Amazon.com. If you need to buy more things, then this is a smart way to increase the rewards at the same time.

Survey Junkie

Like some of the other options on this list, Survey Junkie pays you… ..live for it… .. do surveys! Registration is free and you can go your own way to answer important business survey questions. If you do, you will get virtual points that you can deposit for Paypal funds or electronic gift cards.

But how much will you earn? Depends. You earn between 100 and 200 points for most surveys, but you will not be able to pay your points until you reach a threshold of 1,000 points, which costs $ 10. So, in the end, you pay $ 10 for completing five surveys. Although it is not a lot of money, it is very easy to get confused.