10 Things Women Do In The Morning And The Move They Expect You To Make


Viral News Boy :- Women are wonderful and blessed creatures and the moment you get to understand them, you will definitely be happy when you are around them.

There are ten (10) things women do in the morning and the move they expect you to make, know them today so that in case your woman does any of them, you will know what to do.


1. She stretches her body while in bed and her hand hits you:

When she does this repeatedly, she expects you to either cuddle her or give her an early morning kiss.

2. She makes herself comfortable in bed even after you stood up:

She is indirectly telling you that she needs you by her side, and so she expects you to join her in bed.

3. She stares at you like never before and plays with your hair:

She actually expects you to make ‘love’ with her.

4. She unbuttons her pijamas so you can fall for her:

She expects you to grab her and make her join you in bed.

5. She gives you an amorous look when helping you with your tie:

She expects you to kiss her on her forehead before leaving the house. This will calm her nerves down and also increase her love for you.

6. She wakes you up in the morning and ask you if you are still upset with her

It is very important to settle your differences before going to bed, and men should try as much as possible not to carry any guilt or offense over to the following day. She expects you to reach out to her first with a kiss and then tell her that you are no longer upset with her.

7. She goes down on her knees to pray and commit the day to God:

She expects you to join her in the short prayer of exaltation and when you keep doing this, she will value you first as a man and also as her husband.

8. She may become moody

If she has some issues at work and didn’t tell you, this might change her facial look once she wakes up. The move she expects you to make is to go close to her and ask her what the problem is.

9. She rests her head on your chest:

A woman that truly loves you will do this and the move she expects you to make is to play with her hair and bring up an interesting discussion.

10. She strokes your chest:

She may be expecting you to make the right move by having a round of pleasure with her and may want to put you in the mood first.

Have you experienced any of these ten (10) things women do in the morning?