There is a very big news for those who have gas cylinders, know what is that news

Good news for those who have gas cylinders, they will be happy to hear the big news…. Subsidized LPG cylinders are priced at Rs 162.5 per cylinder in Delhi. Now the new prices have come down to Rs 611.50. At the same time, the price of 19 kg cylinder has been reduced by Rs 256 to Rs 1029.50.Know how much LPG gas cylinders have become cheaper in their state City Price in May Price in April Delhi 611.50 744 Kolkata 584.50 744.50 Mumbai 579 714.50 Chennai 569.50 761.50 Gurugram 588.50 750 Noida 585.50 739.50 Bengaluru 585 744Bhubaneswar   592.50 744.50 Chandigarh 583 758.50 Hyderabad 589.50 796.50 Jaipur 583 731 Lucknow 581 779 Patna 621 835 It is known that the prices of diesel-petrol have remained unchanged since March 15 and this is the first time that there has been no change in the prices of diesel-petrol for such a long time. At the same time you can see that these days diesel is stable at 62.87 and petrol at 71.93 per liter.Simultaneously,

LPG Dealers Association President Ranjana Solanki said, “The new rates will be applicable from Friday 1 May.”LPG cylinders will reach 224 rupees cheaper in homes and they say ‘While another customer will benefit from it, dealers may have to bear big loss.

Strict action will be taken against these ration card holders in UP, also preparations for recovery

Azamgarh. If there is an income tax payer in your family. Is a four wheeler vehicle. If you have an AC installed in your house or if you have a generator of 05 KVA or more, then you are not eligible to get your ration card. In addition, a residential flat of more than 100 sqm in the urban area, having a commercial space of 80 sqm or more carpet area or having an arms license (Exclusion Criteria), will be considered ineligible. This is to say that Devamani Mishra, District Supply Officer of Azamgarh.


He said that if anyone took advantage of the exemption to get the ration card received during the Corona Transition and tried to get the ration card hidden by fact or took ration, then it is not good for him. By marking such people, the department will not only cancel the ration card, but will also recover the ration taken by them at the market rate.Uttar Pradesh Additional Chief Secretary, Home and Information Avneesh Awasthi said that at present there are 3 crore 50 lakh ration cards in Uttar Pradesh. So far, ration has been distributed on 22.5 million ration cards. 68 lakh metric tonnes of food grains have been distributed.He informed that the work of distribution of ration has started in the third phase of the lockdown…. then surrender the ration card immediatelyThe District Supply Officer said that at present due to the situation arising out of the Kovid-19 epidemic, people are increasingly applying for getting eligible household ration cards under the National Food Security Act-2013. It has come to the notice that in order to get an eligible household ration card, some people are trying to get a ration card by giving false facts which is a crime. Appealing the District Supply Officer said that people who have got the ration card given wrong information should surrender their ration card / application form immediately to the District Supply Office, Azamgarh. Action will be taken if the investigation proves to be fraudulent.

Relief: Roadways buses will run in these 12 green zone districts of Uttar Pradesh

On the instructions of the Uttar Pradesh government, the Transport Corporation will now run its roadways bus in the Green Zone districts. Roadways buses will run between one green zone to another. If there is any orange or red zone district in the middle, then there will be no passengers nor buses will stop there. The bus will be sanitized and run. 26 to 30 passengers will be allowed to sit in buses.Wearing masks will be mandatory for all passengers including driver, operator. The driver-operator will remain in uniform.


These roadways buses will run under the central government guide line with a capacity of 50 per cent. Passengers will sit in buses following social distancing. Currently, there are plans to run 500 buses in 12 districts of the Green Zone.This instruction has been given by the Managing Director of Transport Corporation, Dr. Raj Shekhar on Tuesday by conferencing video with all the regional managers. He informed that these buses will go to the town and tehsil headquarters in the districts inside the Green Zone.Buses will run in these 12 districtsLakhimpur-Khari, Shahjahanpur, Ambedkarnagar, Ballia, Chandauli, Chitrakoot, Farrukhabad, Fatehpur,Hamirpur, Lalitpur, Sonbhadra and Amethi.

If you have an account with this bank, you will get 5 lakh rupees! RBI took a big decision

New Delhi. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has canceled the license of CKP Co-operative Bank (CKP Co-operative Bank). The RBI has issued a statement in this regard. RBI wrote that the financial position of this bank is highly risky and unstable. There is no strong revival or merger plan with other banks for this. There is also no compulsory commitment from the bank management.RBI said that the bank is not in such a situation that it can pay its current or future depositors.

Also, the bank has violated the minimum capital requirements rule.Current situation harmful to depositorsThis statement said, ‘This decision is being taken keeping in mind the interests of the common people and the depositors. The current of the bank is not only harmful for the existing depositors, but it is also not safe for the common people.

Men with weak body should consume this thing fiercely, it helps immensely in strengthening the healthy body.

If you also want to make your body healthy and strong, then today I am going to tell you about such a thing. If you consume that thing. So the requirement of essential nutrients in your body will be fulfilled. And your body will be healthy as before. Because this thing improves blood circulation. Which opens the closed veins and its regular intake also removes physical weakness.Men who are troubled by weak body. And if you want to improve your health, you should eat beetroot for that. Many such essential nutrients are present inside the beet, which is very important for the body and these elements are important elements like calcium, iron, protein, vitamins, carbohydrates.

Therefore, to remove weakness of the body, beet can be eaten as salad, as juice, as laddu or as halwa. You should consume it for 1 month. You will definitely benefit from it. When you consume it for a month. So you will see that your body will become stronger and stronger than before.

Yogi government gave two big shocks to UP people simultaneously

New Delhi: Due to Corona, the biggest problem of money is standing before the state governments. The government has not been receiving any revenue for more than 40 years, because the industry is closed due to lockdown. In such a situation, the state governments have started collecting money by increasing the prices of alcohol and petrol. After Delhi, now the UP government has also increased the prices of petrol and diesel as well as the prices of alcohol.During the press conference, Minister Suresh Khanna in the UP government said that the government has decided to increase VAT on alcohol, petrol and diesel. After VAT, the price of petrol has been increased by Rs. 2 per liter and diesel by Rs. 1 per liter. Petrol will now be 73.91 per liter and diesel 63 rupees 86 paise in the state. The government said that keeping in mind the interests of farmers in the state, diesel has been made costlier by 1 per liter. This order will come into force from 12 o’clock today. After increasing VAT in petrol and UP, the government will get an additional revenue of Rs 2070 crore per year.Suresh Khanna said that after the sale of liquor stopped, he started drinking illicit liquor. Due to which illegal liquor started becoming village-to-village.

By the administration’s action, 80 thousand 20 liters of illicit liquor was caught till the first week of May.Wine is so expensiveThere has been an increase of 5 rupees on country liquor. After which you will get Rs 70 now for Rs 65.Along with this, on English liquor, Rs 10 has been increased from 180 ml, Rs 20 from 180 to 500 ml and Rs 30 above 500 ml.

With this, the bottle of liquor coming from abroad has become expensive by Rs 400.After increasing VAT, the government will get an additional revenue of Rs 2350 crore per year.Explain that earlier, the Central Government had increased the excise duty and road cess on petrol and diesel. The Rs 8 road cess and Rs 2 excise duty on petrol was increased. In this way there was an increase of Rs 10 per liter. Similarly, Rs 8 road cess and Rs 5 excise duty was increased on diesel, thus increasing the total by Rs 13 per liter. However, it will not bear the burden on the people, because at this time crude oil is quiteIt is cheap and its price could be reduced as much as the increase in excise duty and road cess, but the government filled its treasury by not giving the benefit to the people.