This man has been drinking poison of poisonous snakes for 30 years, this is the main reason…

There are many strange humans present in this whole world, whose hobbies are few. Friends, many humans are famous all over the world for their peculiar lifestyle. We are going to tell about one such person, who was drinking snake venom for almost 30 years. Please tell that due to drinking snake venom many times this man also returned from the mouth of death, but he did not give up his habit. Friends, today we are talking about Steve Ludwin from California. Explain that Steve loves to play with snakes and is his fan. Friends Steve took the poison of the green snake Green Tree Viper about 30 years ago and injected it into his body.


For information, tell that Steve also injected poison of black mamba and cobra, which is among many poisonous snakes around the world. Steve claims that after drinking snake venom his body’s immune system has become very strong now, due to which he has not had a cold for the last 15 years. Steve says that he has had accidents with him many times. Once due to a poison overdose, he had to be admitted to the ICU for three days. Not only this, Steve has appealed people not to do so. Friends, many scientists are currently doing research on Steve.

This actress wants to make a career in adult films, producer father is getting embarrassed

Every person in the world wants his child to do some noble and noble work, because of which his name is famous all over the world, and people remember his name with great pride and respect, for this, every parent should give his child He also gives higher education and good advice, but there are many people who take such wrong decisions in their lives, due to which their parents have to face embarrassment. Come, let us introduce you to such a news today.

Hollywood filmmaker Steven Spielberg’s daughter Mikayla has recently announced her career in the adult industry. Spielberg is deeply concerned by the daughter’s decision. Although Spielberg has not yet made a public statement on the subject, sources have cited his reaction to the issue.

According to media reports, Spielberg and his wife Kate Capshaw are feeling quite uncomfortable about their daughter’s decision. They are worried about how Mikayla’s revelations in public will affect their other children, who are trying to support, but are embarrassed.

OMG: A city in the world, where no mobile, TV and radio

Nowadays there will be such a house in the world, where no one in the family has a mobile or uses them. But you will be surprised to know that there is also a city in the world where people from mobile to TV and radio are banned. No one can use these things at this place and if anyone is found doing so, he can be arrested and sent to jail.

The city is named Green Bank, which falls in Pocahont County, West Virginia, USA. The city has a population of around 150, but no one uses mobile, TV or radio. The city is also famous because it has the world’s largest steerable radio telescope, known as the ‘Green Bank Telescope’. This telescope is transportable, that is, it can be carried from one place to another.

The Green Bank Telescope is 485 feet long and weighs 7,600 metric tons. The dish placed on top of it is so big that it can contain an entire football field. The area where this telescope is located is the US National Radio Astronomy Observatory, which was established in the year 1958. Here radio waves coming from space are studied. There are many telescopes in this area, which are capable of detecting from gravitational waves to black holes.

It is said that this telescope can also capture signals 13 billion light years away in space. It is quite sensitive in the case of radio waves. This is the reason why there is a ban on things in this area ranging from mobile phones to TVs, radios, iPads, wireless headphones, remote control toys, cordless phones and microwave ovens, because these devices allow telescopes to detect radio waves in space. Will have trouble

A unique village where it never rains, this is a special secret …

Yemen. You must have seen or heard that at some place there is a lot of rain, at some places there is no rain in any year. But does any such place or any such village know about the city where it never rains. Still people live there. Where it never rains.

 This is a wonderful village in Yemen all over the world. There is a village to the west of Sana’a, the capital of Yemen, named ‘Al-Hutayb’, it is the village where it never rains. Because this village is situated 3200 feet above the mountains. This village is situated above the clouds, this village gets to see beautiful views and there are quite beautiful houses built in this village. Tourists are always coming to see the beauty of this village.

Aunt and nephew get married in lockdown

Due to the lockdown, while some people have extended the date of their weddings, there are some people who are getting married at this time also. One such case has come to light, where a young man and woman got married in the temple itself in Agarsi Dehra village under Badhari Assistant police station in Rohtas district. It is said that the young man and woman are from the same locality. People say that both of them are aunt and nephew in the relationship of the village. Both already had a love affair, due to which family members sent the girl to Delhi to take skill development training. Meanwhile, the youth also went to Jammu for employment. During this time both of them kept in touch with each other. According to the information, the age of the young woman Sita Kumari is 19 years. While the young man Manu Kumar is also of the same age.

The villagers objected to the love affair of both of them on their return to the village
When both returned to the village a few days ago, people suspected that both of them had married. The villagers did not like this thing at all, because both belong to the same caste. When the dispute started escalating, the matter reached the police station. Later the villagers convened the panchayat and with the consent of the two families, both were married in a Shiv Mandir near Barhari police station.

Girl showed Aadhar card
Apart from the boy side and the girl side, the people of the village also attended. Some people also raised questions about the age and relationship of the girl at the time of marriage. After which the girl showed her Aadhar card. In which he is 19 years old. Sita Kumari also told that in relation to the village, the boy Manu Kumar seems to be his nephew.

Pland finds and kills mosquiotes,know its benefits

Hearing a name like Satanashi, you must be feeling a little strange that what is this thing or in what works can Satyanashi be used. Today we are going to tell you about a particular plant, this plant is called Satyanashi, around your barren river banks, jungles, empty places, have seen thorny, green leaves with green flowers with yellow flowers


These plants look very common but they are very useful. These plants are known as veridical plants. Often people consider this weed to uproot the plant, but you will be surprised to know that it is full of many qualities.

Advantages of annihilation
keep mosquitoes away: You can use satyanshi to ward off mosquitoes. Its smell is not favorable for mosquitoes, so if a sapling plant is planted in the house, then mosquitoes do not come into the house.

Effective in skin diseases: This plant has antibacterial properties, which helps to prevent skin infection, by applying fluids on the skin after breaking its stems, curing skin diseases like eczema, boils, itching etc. Let’s go.

Here was the world’s biggest bank robbery, looted 7500 crores

In this bank robbery, a total of one billion dollars, which is today, was robbed of about 7562 crore rupees. This incident is from Iraq, where such a huge amount of money was looted from the Central Bank. It has been 17 years since this incident. This is in March 2003. Iraq’s President was Saddam Hussein and his enmity with the US is well known. The US had made full preparations for the attack on Iraq. Hours before that, Saddam Hussein’s son Kusay arrived at the Iraqi Central Bank in Baghdad and handed the bank chief a slip, stating that for security reasons, the President ordered all the bank’s money to be moved to another safe place.


Saddam Hussein was in awe in Iraq at the time, as he was considered a dictator, so the bank chief spoke nothing and allowed the money to be carried. Apart from this, they had no other way. Saddam Hussein’s son Kusay looted so much money from the Iraqi bank that he had to carry it in trucks. It took about five hours to fill the loot money in trucks. It is also said that there was more money in the bank, but there was no space in the truck to keep them, so they were left there.

The talk of this bank robbery spread around the world when the US Army started bombing Iraq soon after the incident. During this time he also captured the Iraqi Central Bank, but he came to know that all the money was taken to Saddam Hussein’s son Kusai. After this there was a lot of investigation. Investigations were also made at Saddam Hussein’s palace, from where a large amount of notes were found. However those notes were not part of the loot money. Saddam Hussein’s second son Uday had already handled those money, because he was fond of keeping large amounts of cash.

Accidentally sent money to someone else’s bank account, know how to come back

In the current era, technology has changed everything. Difficult work has also become easier due to technology. It has also made banking services easier including mobile banking or online banking. In today’s time, the transactions are easily done through digital wallet, NEFT / RTGS, UPI, Google Pay, Bhima App and other services.

All these mediums are the easiest ways to send or receive money, which are used by crores of people. Due to these facilities, it has become easier to transfer money but, mistakes are also becoming much more in this. Sometimes there is a mistake in typing the account number and you realize it when you have sent the money to the wrong bank account.


If the bank account number you typed by mistake is not available in the bank data, then all the money is returned to your bank account. But if the account number is present in the bank’s data, then that money will reach the account of the person to whom you sent it by mistake. So know what to do in such a situation.

Contacting the Branch Manager: In such a situation, you should first inform your bank via mail or call the bank immediately. If in some case your money has reached the bank account of unknown person in another bank or branch, then in that case only that bank can solve this problem. You should first inform your bank branch. Meet the manager privately. You should tell the bank the day of sending the money, the time of sending, your account number and the account number of the recipient.

Complain: When you have sent money to the wrong bank account, immediately complain in the branch where the person who received the money inadvertently has the account. No bank can withdraw money from the accounts of its customers unless the customer’s permission is given. Banks do not share information about their customers. Therefore, if you complain to the concerned bank or branch, in such a case, the bank will identify the customer and ask him to return the money which has been sent to him by mistake.

Legal Action: In some circumstances, on behalf of the bank, the person who received the money by mistake gets ready to return the money. But if the person receiving the money refuses to send the money, then the bank can take legal action and file a case against the account holder. You also have the right to take legal action on your behalf in such cases. So, if such a situation does not occur, then if you are a little aware, then it is a better condition.

Maximum cases of corona increased in 4 hours, but this good news came

new Delhi. India is fighting a decisive battle against the corona virus. India’s efforts are being praised all over the world. Many people say that no other country is fighting with the same spirit of concentration, solidarity and dedication with which India is coping with this epidemic. However, the need to be vigilant has increased more in India. The Health Ministry said that the highest number of deaths and deaths in the last 24 hours has been reported so far.

Let me tell you that the biggest obstacle in the battle of India is creating people who still do not understand the seriousness of the lockdown. Health Ministry’s Joint Secretary Luv Agarwal said that in the last 24 hours, Corona has had the highest number of cases and the most deaths. He said that 195 people have died during this period and more than 3900 cases have been reported.


It is noteworthy that the rate of recovery of patients in India is also very fast. Corona’s recovery rate has increased to 27.41 percent which is satisfactory. Love Aggarwal said that the doubling rate of infection has also increased from 11 to now 12 days, now the number of infected is doubling every 12 days. There have been 1020 infected health cases in the country in the last one day. So far 12716 people have been sent home after treatment.

Wearing a saree without a blouse, the actress created a ruckus …

Mumbai. Bollywood actress Soundarya Sharma is stuck in Los Angeles, USA these days due to Coronavirus. Meanwhile some pictures of Soundarya Sharma have surfaced which are becoming quite viral on social media. In these pictures, she is wearing a saree without a blouse. She is looking very hot in this saree. 

Please tell that after doing Bachelor of Dental studies, Beauty Sharma also worked in many hospitals in Delhi. During this time an audition took him to Mumbai. Reaching Mumbai, he realized that he should make a career in the acting world.