When there was a famine in this country, people started eating human flesh

There are many countries in the world which are known for their beauty today. One such country is Ukraine, which is a very beautiful and ancient country, which is located in Eastern Europe. It borders many countries, such as Russia to the east, Belarus, Poland and Slovakia to the north, Hungary to the west, Romania and Moldova […]

Radhika made a big disclosure – had to take contraception in the shoot before her career ..

Mumbai. Actress Radhika Madan has made her mark in the film world very soon. She is progressing very fast in her career. The actress who started her acting on TV show has also become a part of many great films. But at this time, the revelation of Radhika Madan, not her movies, has brought her into the headlines. The revelation […]

Sun’s light reduced five times, scientists shocked, unable to understand reasons

Scientists say that the light of the sun, which gives the most energy to the earth, is gradually decreasing and it is losing its luster. The sun has weakened compared to other stars like him in the galaxy. Not much, but the sun has become 5 times weaker and scientists are unable to understand why this is […]

Liquor, pan-gutkha shops will open in these districts in UP, but this condition will remain

Lucknow. The government extended the lockdown period to 17 May. The third phase of lockdown will begin after May 3. However, this time the government has decided to give some concession in lockdown. Lockdown talks about the opening of Bear Shops. CM Yogi will deliver the final verdict on this on Saturday. Along with this, […]

There are tremendous benefits from consuming this cheap item

Today we are going to tell you about such a cheap thing. Which you consume before sleeping at night, then you get relief from many health problems. This inexpensive thing is beneficial for everyone, boy or girl. Let us know in detail.The cheapest thing we are talking about is cloves. Yes friends, cloves are very […]

Uttar Pradesh comprises 19 districts, Red Zone, 35 District Orange Zone and 9 District Green Zone.

In the whole country, where the corona virus has spread havoc on one side. The Ministry of Home Affairs has extended the lockdown period once. The third phase of lockdown will start from May 4 and will run till May 17 For your information, meanwhile, the Uttar Pradesh government has also issued a guideline as […]

Even at the age of 60, there will be no effect of weakness, consume it twice a month.

Hello friends, welcome back to this channel once again. Friends, as you all know that time has changed a lot. That is, many people fall ill during the changing of seasons. In such a situation, if you want to avoid the disease, then eat seasonal fruits and vegetables and eat only those fruits which are […]