This man has been drinking poison of poisonous snakes for 30 years, this is the main reason…

There are many strange humans present in this whole world, whose hobbies are few. Friends, many humans are famous all over the world for their peculiar lifestyle. We are going to tell about one such person, who was drinking snake venom for almost 30 years. Please tell that due to drinking snake venom many times this man also […]

This actress wants to make a career in adult films, producer father is getting embarrassed

Every person in the world wants his child to do some noble and noble work, because of which his name is famous all over the world, and people remember his name with great pride and respect, for this, every parent should give his child He also gives higher education and good advice, but there are […]

A unique village where it never rains, this is a special secret …

Yemen. You must have seen or heard that at some place there is a lot of rain, at some places there is no rain in any year. But does any such place or any such village know about the city where it never rains. Still people live there. Where it never rains.  This is a wonderful village in Yemen […]

Pland finds and kills mosquiotes,know its benefits

Hearing a name like Satanashi, you must be feeling a little strange that what is this thing or in what works can Satyanashi be used. Today we are going to tell you about a particular plant, this plant is called Satyanashi, around your barren river banks, jungles, empty places, have seen thorny, green leaves with […]

Here was the world’s biggest bank robbery, looted 7500 crores

In this bank robbery, a total of one billion dollars, which is today, was robbed of about 7562 crore rupees. This incident is from Iraq, where such a huge amount of money was looted from the Central Bank. It has been 17 years since this incident. This is in March 2003. Iraq’s President was Saddam Hussein and his enmity […]

Accidentally sent money to someone else’s bank account, know how to come back

In the current era, technology has changed everything. Difficult work has also become easier due to technology. It has also made banking services easier including mobile banking or online banking. In today’s time, the transactions are easily done through digital wallet, NEFT / RTGS, UPI, Google Pay, Bhima App and other services. All these mediums are the easiest […]

Maximum cases of corona increased in 4 hours, but this good news came

new Delhi. India is fighting a decisive battle against the corona virus. India’s efforts are being praised all over the world. Many people say that no other country is fighting with the same spirit of concentration, solidarity and dedication with which India is coping with this epidemic. However, the need to be vigilant has increased more in India. The Health […]

Wearing a saree without a blouse, the actress created a ruckus …

Mumbai. Bollywood actress Soundarya Sharma is stuck in Los Angeles, USA these days due to Coronavirus. Meanwhile some pictures of Soundarya Sharma have surfaced which are becoming quite viral on social media. In these pictures, she is wearing a saree without a blouse. She is looking very hot in this saree.  Please tell that after doing Bachelor of Dental […]