Ganesh Chaturthi 2020 : Worship Shri Ganesh In This Way , All Problems Will Go Away

According to Vastu Shastra many things kept in the house are inauspicious for human life. People should have accurate knowledge about these things. Because it causes poverty in life and human beings are in misery. Today we will try to learn in detail about this subject. Such things kept in the house are inauspicious, poverty comes to life.

After bathing in the morning, offer laddoo to them while singing praises of Lord Ganesha. Also remember them with a sincere heart. Ganesha is considered to be the god of knowledge and wisdom. It is said that whoever worships them with full devotion, all their wishes are fulfilled. At the same time happiness comes in life.

Broken mirror should not be kept in the house. This causes disturbance in the house and the human being does not get progress in any work.There should be no well in front of the house door. It is considered inauspicious in the scriptures.

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