If You Are A Gemini , Then You Don’t Know These Facts About Yourself

If You Are A Gemini , Then You Don’t Know These Facts About Yourself

Our hearts get filled with devotion and reverence as soon as someone mentions Lord Rama’s ardent devotee Shri Hanuman. Widely known as Bajrangbali, he is an extremely powerful and miraculous deity, and immediately lends a helping hand as soon as he hears his devotee being in trouble. Since he eliminates all the troubles and obstacles, he is widely known as Sankat Mochan. Let’s know 10 phenomenal and amazing things related to Bajrangbali.

Gemini Is Adventurous

This signs creative gifts are an offshoot to their adventurous side. You haven’t lived until you had a night on the town with a Gemini. It’s the kind of thing romantic comedies are made of. They know about all the cool new spots in the neighbourhood and elsewhere.

When Hanuman ji requested to Lord Surya in regards to academics and research, Lord Surya responded that since he constantly remains in motion, it will be difficult for Lord Hanuman to learn from him, which is when Hanuman ji said he too will remain at his side and in constant motion to attain the learnings. On this, Surya Dev accepted his request and undertook him as his disciple. In this way, Lord Sun became a guru to Bajrangbali and imparted many kinds of teachings.

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