Some information about Gmail and It’s new features

Various new features have recently been added to Gmail, Google’s popular email service. These protect the user’s information and provide additional features for email senders. Confidential Mode The much talked about Confidential Mode has been added to the email service.

Provided the privacy of the email sender. This feature was the most desired feature by most users. Not only the new interface system but also the new interface of the Android and iOS Gmail platform is available on Android and iOS platforms. With the new Confidential Mode you can set pass codes for the most important emails that users send.

If you set the validity date for this, the email will be automatically deleted at the specified date and time. With the new feature users can attach various emails to emails fast and very easily. Scheduled send plan email schedule service is available for both Android and iOS users. Click the plus sign button to compose the email.

Then click on the three dots in the upper right corner. The first option in the pop-up that appears on your display is the “Scheduled send” option, which you can click and use. Even 2000 emails can be deleted instantly. There is a way to delete unwanted emails by keeping only the important emails. Gmail will also display only 50 emails per page, allowing you to instantly delete even 2000 emails, including unopened ones. Unread Emails In the Search bar at the top of Gmail, type is: unread and search. Then you will now see all types of unread emails.

Next you need to click on the square shaped box that is displayed on the left side. In it you have to click on All. kept for 30 days then you will now see that only 50 emails on that particular page are selected. All your unread emails will be deleted. When you delete emails Gmail will keep them for 30 days. Note that Gmail will delete it permanently thereafter. Multiple signature system as well as Gmail currently has multiple signature system developed.

This new feature allows users to add multiple signatures to their emails. Similarly Gmail will no longer have to sign up according to the situation and sending status. So now in different languages, click on the Settings (gear icon) option found in the Gmail account.

Then select the word General and click on the Signature option inside it. Signature can be used as needed and then you can enter as many signatures as you need through the word Create New. Please update the signatures to suit themselves. You can then enable them by opening the Signature menu inside the Compose action toolbar.

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