The reason why your urine might smell bad

The reason why your urine might smell.

The main thing in this issue is the diet. The food that we eat contribute a lot to our body needs. The other reason is medication. The other causes of the smelly urine are as follows, liver failure, rectal fistula, maple syrup, urethritis least but not last the consumption of asparagus.

You should pay attention to your urine the way that it appears to be, the colour of your urine matters the most. It will help you to recognize that you might have a problem. the normal colour of your urine should be clear with a straw of yellow colour. The colour of the urine might differ somehow, but it does not have a strong smell.



The definition of dehydration is the extreme loss of water in the body ‘body water’. There are several causes of dehydration, the main one is the heat exposure. Being exposed to a lot of heat and not drinking water will mostly certainly cause dehydration. When you re dehydrated your urine is going to be more intense and have a lot of ammonia scent compared to the when you are well. This why it is very important to make sure that you drink more up to 8 glasses of water per day. The signs of a severe dehydration might include the feeling of dizziness, sunken eyes and a very dry skin.


As already mentioned in the introduction, the food that we eat takes a major part in our health. The number one item is the asparagus. The other vitamins might cause the urine to smell. the culprit behind the smelly feet is the asparagus, it has a asparagus have a higher sulfur. when you eat an asparagus, the body has to break down the acid that.

Bladder infection

The bladder infection I mostly caused by a bacterium and in what is most unlikely it is caused by Candida. The elderly, males with enlarged prostates, females and those who are suffering from chronic diseases they are the group which is mostly likely to suffer from the bladder infection. The bladder infection is treated with antibiotics. To prevent the bladder infection, one might drink the cranberry products and enough water to keep hydrated.

Diabetes Type 2.

Type 2 diabetes is a long-lasting condition that might be adjustable with diet and the change of lifestyle. The symptoms of diabetes type 2, one can experience fatigue, excessive thirst and the urine odor.


you can reduce the urine odor by doing the following;

take the deodorizing tablets, the tablets will help with neutralizing the smell. however, this tablets can mess up with the medication you are already taking if you are , so confirm with your doctor first. do not substitute with citrus fruits or vitamin c tablets as they are acidic and the might even cause irritation.

get yourself examined, this might help know if the situation is serious or it is just a bad diet. the check up will check if it is an infection or not.

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