Killer headaches and slowly to the grave.

Headaches have killed many people in the world. Some headaches they just refuses to go away no matter how you think you are relaxed or handling it as much as possible but hey just don’t go away. Some they dissappear and comes back few days. They knock you down bit by bit.

The most common type of headache is a tension headache. Also called muscle construction headache.

The following headache symptoms means you should get medical attention right away.

🔹 A sudden, new or sever headache that comes with weakness.

🔹 Headaches that makes you dizzy.

🔹 Headaches that makes you loss balance or wanting to fall all of sudden.

🔹 Headaches that makes you numb on one part of you body, hands or legs.

🔹 Trouble with speech when you have headaches.

🔹 Seizures and confusion while having a headache.

The headache won’t go away if the underlying cause, the problem in your neck isn’t treated so is the headache not leaving you.

Causes of headaches.

🔹 Injuries

🔹 Arthritis

🔹 Bone fracture

🔹 Tumors

🔹 Infection

🔹 Or you are sleeping wrong or you sleep light not deep sleep or the beauty one.

Try these things if they don’t go away then seek medical attention right away.

🔹 Try a cold pack on your forehead if you have migraine headache.

🔹 Use a heating pad or hot compress.

🔹 Ease pressure on your scalp or head.

🔹 Dim the lights.

🔹 Try not to chew especially gum.

🔹 Get some caffeine.

🔹 Practice relaxation.

🔹 Take some ginger.

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