6 wrong ways to drink water

Water is life and we all know it. If you have ever taken water after a long day, be it after workout, trekking under the hot sun or after a day at work. You’ll understand the importance of water in the life of every single one of us.


However according to various authorities in the field, 80% of us drink water the wrong way everyday and it is having gradual detrimental effects on our body.

1. Drinking too much water fast

This is when you drink water in quick large gulps. It happens mostly when you’re very thirsty. The bad effect is that it fills you up fast causing you to pee almost immediately. Apart from the obvious fact that your body didn’t use the water at all, it can also dilute your saliva. Also, it can lead to Hyponatremia which is the dilution of Na (Sodium) causing your cells to swell. According to Dr. Leonard Smith, you should take about 60-90ml of water at regular intervals throughout your day and they should be consumed gently.

2. Drinking water immediately after a meal.

If you must drink water do it 40 minutes before the meal or 1 hour after the meal. Drinking water immediately after meal can dilute gastric juices and increase insulin levels leading to indigestion, gas and bloating. If you must take water during meals, take few sips slowly.


3. Drinking ice cold water

I know cold water is particularly refreshing after a day under the hot sun but you have to understand that when you take ice cold water regularly, you cause blood vessels shrinkage and solidification of fat in your blood vessels leading to increase in risk of myocardial infaction. Apart from these, it causes sore throat, joint pain and slower heart rate.

4. Drinking water on the go

It might be when you are working and aren’t done yet but you are thirsty and you drink water while still working or you drink it while walking. This affects your ultimate filtration system (the kidney). This is because the muscles of the kidney aren’t relaxed and can cause inflammation. It is better to give yourself a little break, sit down and drink water slowly. Also give yourself some minutes before going back to work.

5. Drinking water at the end of your morning routine.

Do you wake up, brush, exercise then drink water? It is way better to drink water immediately after waking up instead.

6. Skipping a glass of water before bed.

You should also take a glass of water before going to bed. It decreases your chances of having a heart attack.

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