Awesome Windows hacks and tricks that’ll help you

1. Shake window to minimise

This is one of my private favourites. If you click on and drag a window, you can then supply it a little shake – go on, strive it! All the different windows you have open will immediately minimise, giving you a muddle free workspace.

2. Deleting browser records made easy

If you desire to delete your searching history, however, do not choose to go fishing thru the settings on your browser, strive to hit CTRL+Shift+DEL. That’ll take you straight to the menu!

3. Highlight tackle bar

Speaking of browsers, each attempt to spotlight a lengthy URL from the browser tackle bar to replica or delete it? Why bother? Instead simply hit F6 and the URL will routinely highlight. Magic.

4. Forget CTRL+ALT+DEL

Most human beings will press CTRL+ALT+DEL when their pc crashes, and then immediately open the challenge manager. Instead, strive to hit CTRL+Shift+ESC to open the project supervisor directly. After all, if your computer’s crashing, the fewer steps in the method the better. You can of path open the undertaking supervisor by using right-clicking on the venture bar, however, this approach has a bit greater of sleight of hand feeling to it.

5. God mode

The Windows Master Control Panel, or “God Mode”, is a shortcut to get entry to all of the working system’s manage panels from inside a single folder. To create a such a shortcut, create a new folder on your computer (or somewhere else) and rename it to:


You can trade the “GodMode” bit, however, make positive the full-stop and the relaxation is the same. Once you’ve got renamed it, the icon will change, and you will have to get admission to all Windows’ most effective features.

6. Entering file names into the command line

credit: third party image reference
Once you’ve got opened up DOS and are attempting to execute a file, the most disturbing component is typing out the entire file directory: C:LibrariesPictures etc.

Instead, strive to drag the file without delay into the command prompt, and the software will enter it for you. Simple!

7. Go straight to the desktop

This is in all likelihood the one I use most often. Remember when Windows used to have an exhibit laptop icon on the taskbar? Well, now it does not want to, due to the fact you can simply hit WIN+D. In case you do not know, the WIN button is the one with the wavy Windows flag icon between Left CTRL and ALT.

8. Rename many archives at once

If you prefer to supply an entire load of archives the identical name, pick out them all at as soon as and click on F2. Windows will append a (1) or a (2) to the cease of every file identify too, so you do not get confused.

9. Lock laptop instantly

If you are leaving your Laptop open round pals inclined to alter your Facebook facts for kicks, or if you simply favour enlarging protection on your PC, it is right to get into the addiction of urgent WIN + L each time you depart your computer unattended.

This will revert your laptop to its lock screen, which means any pesky Facebook meddlers will have to be aware of your password earlier than they can put up embarrassing statuses. Unlike logging out, it continues all your home windows and files open, however.

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