Zarine Khan told, Salman Khan during the shooting of Veer ….

Zarine Khan told, Salman Khan during the shooting of Veer ….

Zarine Khan is currently living in Mumbai with her sister, mother and grandfather. Recently he spoke about his lockdown schedule during Fever Digital’s 100 Hours 100 Stars. Zarine said, many people are sharing their photos on social media while eating and sleeping. Those people are very lucky who are able to do it because I have a lot of work at home.

Regarding his daily schedule, Zarine said, “This is the month of Ramadan, so we do that work from morning till 2 in the afternoon.” After this I do the rest of the housework. I then work for 3 hours. Then in the evening I interact with my fans and if I get more free time, then I am watching belly dance videos and learning some recipes as well because I do not know how to cook. Recently I also joined Tick Talk.


Zarine further said, in this lockdown, I have learned one thing that we should value everything. Along with this, I have also learned to value the people working at home, how those people work in so many houses. During this time, Zarine said about the experience of working with Salman in the film Veer, I used to always watch her. I could not believe that I was working with him. When asked Zarine if he knows how Salman is spending time in lockdown, he said, “I get to know everything through Instagram and sometimes she talks to him through messages too.”

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