When the casting director told Ayushmann – ‘I want to see your tool’

Ayushman Khurana is one of the few Bollywood actors who gave both content and money to the industry. As a result, his last seven consecutive films have been superhit. She had made her debut on the subject of sperm donation, ‘Vicky Donor’, who was last seen talking about homosexuality in ‘Shubh Mangal more careful’. However, when all this started happening, he also encountered the infamous casting couch in the film industry. Recently while talking to a cinema website, Ayushmann said that a casting director had also demanded ‘sexual favors’ from him.

Has anyone in the industry ever asked you for a strange offer or a sexual favor. In an interview to Pinkvilla, Ayushmann gave this question and said-

“It happened to me once. There was a casting director who said that I want to see your tool. If you do this, then I will cast you in the lead role in a film. I politely declined his offer. I told them that I am straight, that is, I am interested in women. “

Ayushmann said that he never had to do much struggle in his career. He was confident that if acting did not work, then he would run his work by doing something else. Because he had been a roadie, singer, RJ and video jockey before coming to the field of acting. Ayushmann says that when one of the early films of his career ‘Hawaiian’ sank, he started practicing with his band from the next day.

However, Ayushmann also has some complaints from Mumbai. He had been in Mumbai for some 2-3 days and was in a party. It was raining heavily outside. Ayushmann felt that someone would drop him at his house. But by the end of the party, everyone left. Finally Ayushman had to walk two hours on the road filled with water and reach Lokhandwala bysaw.


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