Britain This Hasina, who is so beautiful, has killed 400 people, but not with her beauty. Let us tell you how. Samantha Luthweight, the infamous British terrorist, known as ‘G White Widow’, has killed 400 people. White Widow’s father is retired from the Northern Ireland Army.

She is the widow of Jermaine Lindsey, one of the 2005 suicide bombers in London. Luthweight had fled the UK since the 2005 attack. It was only in 2005 that she was killed. But later it is revealed that he is alive and is absconding. According to media reports, the terrorist White Widow was involved in suicide attacks in Somalia and Kenya and other terrorist attacks, including car blasts. According to the government security report, 32-year-old terrorist White Widow is the mother of four children. An official of the Somalia Senior Anti Terrorism Squad said.

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