The new fledgling bride could not fulfill this demand if the husband beat her…

In the district, if the demand for additional money in dowry is not met, a case of beating up a newly married woman has been reported. After which the police have registered a case of dowry and murder against 3 people from the in-laws side of the deceased and have taken the killer husband into custody. Also, the Panchnama of the dead body has been sent for post-mortem. The case is of Jahangirabad Kotwali area. Zoya, who resides, was beaten to death on Thursday.


It is alleged that Zoya’s in-laws were demanding additional dowry. It is being told that Zoya of Shikarpur had married Nikah 4 months ago with Abbas living in Sasni village of Jahangirabad. Family members allege that at the time of marriage, they gave more dowry and car than their capacity. But the people of the in-laws side again started demanding additional dowry and when the demand was not met, Zoya was beaten to death. In this case, Sadiq Hussain, a relative of the deceased, said that they had married a few months ago.

He then demanded money and a motorcycle from her and constantly beat her. Many times Zoya also told us by phone, but we thoughtfully told her to stay there. We had given him 50,000 a few days ago and now it is reported that he has been beaten to death. We informed the police. SP Dehat Manish Mishra said that a case of murder of a woman has come up. The body has been taken and sent for post-mortem. The husband has been detained. A case has been filed against three people at Shikarpur police station. Action is being taken after investigation.


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