OMG: A city in the world, where no mobile, TV and radio

OMG: A city in the world, where no mobile, TV and radio

Nowadays there will be such a house in the world, where no one in the family has a mobile or uses them. But you will be surprised to know that there is also a city in the world where people from mobile to TV and radio are banned. No one can use these things at this place and if anyone is found doing so, he can be arrested and sent to jail.

The city is named Green Bank, which falls in Pocahont County, West Virginia, USA. The city has a population of around 150, but no one uses mobile, TV or radio. The city is also famous because it has the world’s largest steerable radio telescope, known as the ‘Green Bank Telescope’. This telescope is transportable, that is, it can be carried from one place to another.

The Green Bank Telescope is 485 feet long and weighs 7,600 metric tons. The dish placed on top of it is so big that it can contain an entire football field. The area where this telescope is located is the US National Radio Astronomy Observatory, which was established in the year 1958. Here radio waves coming from space are studied. There are many telescopes in this area, which are capable of detecting from gravitational waves to black holes.

It is said that this telescope can also capture signals 13 billion light years away in space. It is quite sensitive in the case of radio waves. This is the reason why there is a ban on things in this area ranging from mobile phones to TVs, radios, iPads, wireless headphones, remote control toys, cordless phones and microwave ovens, because these devices allow telescopes to detect radio waves in space. Will have trouble

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