Infection is not spreading even when persistent with corona positive patients, because …

Jharkhand. Such cases have been found with many patients from Jharkhand. Doctors are surprised to see that people in regular contact do not get the infection. For him, the impact and infection of the corona remain a mystery. HOD Prof. Dr. JK Mitra of Rheims’s Department of Medicine says that the effects of corona and symptoms of infection are not understood. It is a matter of research.

Observation is being done about this. The first infection of the corona in the state was found in a Malaysian woman from Tabligi Jamaat, caught from Hindpiri. The woman was accompanied by her husband. The husband was also with the woman when she was brought to Rheims from an ambulance. When the woman was being admitted to the Kovid Center in Rheims, she was crying with her husband. The woman was admitted after a four-hour drama from Khelgaon to Rheims.

Despite the investigation of the two cases, the woman’s husband did not get the infection. The woman recovered and got discharged. Eight members of a family of Hindpeedhi lived together. A 54-year-old woman was found positive on April 6. On 9 April, the woman’s husband, three sons, a daughter-in-law and a grandson (five from the family) were found positive. Two days later the husband died of corona. Three days later, the woman also died. But what is surprising is that the woman’s second grandson and a daughter-in-law could not touch the infection.

While these people also lived together. Four members who were found positive have also recovered. A corona-infected woman from Hindpiri was delivered at Sadar Hospital on 15 April. Her husband was also infected. Four health workers and a security personnel who came in contact with the husband and wife in the hospital also succumbed to infection. Spouses with newborns were admitted to RIMS. The woman continued to feed the baby. But the child is infection free. Husband and wife have also recovered.

Two more such cases were found in RIMS. These infected women were also delivered, but their infants remained negative. Dr. Brajesh Mishra, HOD of TB & Chest department of Kovid 19’s nodal officer Rims, says the changing appearance of the corona is a surprise. Jharkhand is a malaria affected state. Here, due to this, the effect of corona may change.

Regarding the newborn, Dr. Mishra says that research has found that there is no infection in the baby born from the womb of the infected woman. At the same time, no infection has been found in breast milk. Dr. JK Mitra, medicine HOD of RIMS, says that the spread of infection depends on many reasons. How long and what kind of contact is with the patient. How is the immunity of the exposed people. This also depends on infection. Despite this, such cases are definitely a matter of research.


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