In this country unique customs have to be done by two women, if not done …

 This world is full of its unique customs and surprising traditions. Now, if we talk about the rules of marriage, then in our country, second marriage without divorce is considered a punishable offense. But there is a country in the world where a man is required to marry two women. Not only this, a man may also have to eat jail air if he does not do so. Yes, we are talking about the African country of Eritrea, where according to the rule, it is necessary for all men to have two marriages.

The reason for this is that the ratio of men to women is very low here. For this reason, a man has to marry two women here. The government has also made a law for this. Men who do not follow this government law can also be punished. If men do not marry two women, they also have to eat the air of jail.

Also, if the first wife tries to do any kind of inattention to the second marriage, then women can also be punished like life imprisonment. Has been Although Eritrea is also being criticized in other countries of the world due to this law, so far the Government of Eritrea has not taken any step regarding the withdrawal of this law.


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