Aunt and nephew get married in lockdown

Aunt and nephew get married in lockdown

Due to the lockdown, while some people have extended the date of their weddings, there are some people who are getting married at this time also. One such case has come to light, where a young man and woman got married in the temple itself in Agarsi Dehra village under Badhari Assistant police station in Rohtas district. It is said that the young man and woman are from the same locality. People say that both of them are aunt and nephew in the relationship of the village. Both already had a love affair, due to which family members sent the girl to Delhi to take skill development training. Meanwhile, the youth also went to Jammu for employment. During this time both of them kept in touch with each other. According to the information, the age of the young woman Sita Kumari is 19 years. While the young man Manu Kumar is also of the same age.

The villagers objected to the love affair of both of them on their return to the village
When both returned to the village a few days ago, people suspected that both of them had married. The villagers did not like this thing at all, because both belong to the same caste. When the dispute started escalating, the matter reached the police station. Later the villagers convened the panchayat and with the consent of the two families, both were married in a Shiv Mandir near Barhari police station.

Girl showed Aadhar card
Apart from the boy side and the girl side, the people of the village also attended. Some people also raised questions about the age and relationship of the girl at the time of marriage. After which the girl showed her Aadhar card. In which he is 19 years old. Sita Kumari also told that in relation to the village, the boy Manu Kumar seems to be his nephew.

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