Admit the Corona crisis, Trump made such a statement, blowing everyone’s senses

The American President is in the news about Corona. He has said that the country is winning the war against the corona virus. Soon the Corona Virus Task Force formed in the White House will be dissolved. Significantly, till now, more than 1.2 million people have been infected and more than 72 thousand people have died in America. On an average, one thousand people are dying from corona every day. Epidemiologists are surprised by his decision.

“We have overcome the danger,” Trump said at Honeywell International in Phoenix. Now we are in the next phase of this fight. The spread of the virus in the country is decreasing. Thank you for the commitment of the citizens. He said that now the economy is being opened up in a very safe and phased manner. Trump repeated the slogan of American First.


He said that the US administration relied on simple rules. Buy country made goods and recruit Americans. You are all warriors. With your help we will defeat Corona. Seeing our country coming back on track. Epidemiologists of the world are surprised by Trump’s decision. He says that the spread of the virus is not over yet. A second attack of the virus may occur a few days after the lockdown. In such a situation, this decision can be fatal.


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